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Legislature of the Province of Cordoba, Argentina

Project time: 2020-12-10

The most fascinating things in Argentina are watching a tango show in Buenos Aires, enjoying the scenery of Ushuaia, seeing the miracle of the earth-Iguazu Falls, tasting Argentine wines at the Mendoza vineyard, Hiking on Elafat Glacier.


The province of Cordoba, the capital of which is Cordoba, is the second largest city in Argentina, an important transportation hub in central Argentina, and one of the cultural centers of Argentina. 

The lighting project of the administrative legislature of Cordoba Province in Argentina are using Skydance's DMX512 constant current decoder D4C-L.


Even more, Skydance also provides a complete DMX lighting control solution from the main controller to the decoder, especially this colorful exterior wall lighting. Through the lighting change effect programmed by the Skydance DMX512 control system, thousands of LED lights can be divided into groups to achieve colorful static and dynamic effects of RGBW lighting.In the meanwhile, it is used with Skydance DMX512/RDM constant current decoder D4C-L to achieve 0-100% smooth dimming and delicate lighting dynamic effects, making the space light hue, saturation, brightness, dynamic changes, and scene functions more accurately adjusted, Trendy wall decoration and earning enough attention.


Architecture shapes the face of a city. The lighting project of the administrative legislature of Cordoba Province in Argentina combines various light image effects to show a more colorful landscape. Skydance DMX512 control system creates changeable light and shadow effects, rendering a joyful atmosphere, giving the building a richer spatial imagination and artistic appeal. It is also a worthwhile trip for every tourist who comes to Cordoba, Argentina.


Skydance's LED lighting control system is used in more than 100 countries and regions around the world,with stable quality, reliable performance, cost-effective products and high-quality services, it has won long-term cooperation and support from domestic and foreign lighting engineering customers and retail customers. Skydance DMX512 constant current decoder converts the standard DMX512 digital signal into a PWM signal, and adjusts the output of the DMX decoder through the DMX master control to achieve 0-100% smooth dimming without any flicker. The DMX address can be set via the digital tube/OLED screen button or DIP switch,it can also be set remotely through DMX512/RDM console.


Finally, thanks our customer again for trusting Skydance and using our DMX decoder in this important lighting project. We will go ahead and make more high quality LED controllers.

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