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Concert Hall of the National Center for the Performing Arts

Project time: 2020-12-20

National Center for the Performing Arts of China is one of the new "Beijing Sixteen Scenic" landmarks. It is located to the west of Tiananmen Square in the center of Beijing and to the west of the Great Hall of the People. The appearance of the National Center for the Performing Arts is semi-ellipsoidal, with an opera house, a concert hall, a theater and art exhibition hall. The main color is gorgeous and brilliant gold.


The style of the concert hall is fresh and elegant, with the largest pipe organ in China, which can meet the needs of a variety of different genres work performance. The pipe organ placed in the concert hall is elegant and full sound. It is the largest pipe organ in China, with the most stops, the most sound tubes, and the richest sound.


This time, the concert Hall of the National Center for the Performing Arts lighting project adopted Skydance RF wireless wall panel dimmer S1-K, and RF to 0/1-10V dimming controller L4-M, using the rotary knob dimming control panel to control the lighting.


Skydance provides a complete 0/1-10V lighting control solution. Rotary knob dimming touch panel S1-K is used as a remote for RF wireless remote control or used as a Triac dimmer. It supports five-in-one dimming, 0-100% full range smooth and flicker-free dimming, brightness dimming, etc. It supports wired and wireless installation control schemes, simple and convenient installation, suitable for installation before and after renovation. In addition, it can be paired with a remote control and gateway, which can realize the WIFI dimming control of the mobile phone. The powerful application function and flexible dimming combination make it widely used and can meet the various needs of users and installation occasions.


Skydance’s 0/1-10V series perfectly solves the problem of compatibility between fluorescent lamp dimming systems and LED lighting. Skydance’s 0/1-10V series products have high-performance MCU that support five-in-one dimming, 0~100% dimming range, logarithmic characteristic dimming, compatible with various brands of 0/1-10V dimmers on the market and control system.


AC Triac dimming technology doesn’t require signal lines, doesn’t change the original line, low cost, convenient construction, and is always popular with the engineering team. Skydance AC Triac dimmer and driver have high-performance MCU, which can achieve 256 levels of 0~100% smooth and precise dimming. The dimming effect and compatibility are close to the extreme, and it is compatible with various brands of AC Triac dimming systems on the market.

Finally, thanks our customer again for trusting Skydance and using our DMX decoder in this important lighting project. We will go ahead and make more high quality LED controllers.

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