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1. Each signal converter is designed to realize communication between at least 2 different lighting control systems.

2.Can convert signal during RF2.4G,DMX512,0-10V,AC Triac or SPI system.

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AC Triac DMX Dimmer S1-D

1. AC Triac DMX512 dimmer, two channel output. 

2. With standard DMX512 compliant interface, DMX address can be set easily and shown on the digital numeric display.

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RF to 4 Channel 0-10V Dimmer L4-M

1. RF to 4 channel 0-10V converter, match with RF remote.
2. Output 4 channel 0-10V signal or 5V/10V PWM signal (need custom).
3. Output connect with 0/1-10V dimmable driver.

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2CH AC Triac DMX Dimmer S1-DR

1. AC Triac DMX512 dimmer with digital display, two channel output. 

2. DMX decode mode / Stand-alone 2 channel dimmer mode / Stand-alone dynamic mode.

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4CH Constant Voltage 0/1-10V DMX512 Decoder DL-L

● DMX512 to 0/1-10V signal decoder with digital display

● 4 channel 0/1-10V analog signal or 5V / 10V PWM signal (need customize) output.

● Comply with the latest DMX512, DMX512(1990), DMX512-A, RDM V1.0 standard protocols.

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DMX512 to 4CH 0-10V Converter DL

1.Compatible with a variety of DMX512 masters.
2.0-10V LED driver which receives and converts DMX512 signal to 0-10V signal.
3.It can also work as stand-alone RGB/RGBW controller, have 30 kinds dynamic mode,adjustable speed and brightness.

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DMX512 to SPI Converter DS

1.Compatible with kinds of digital IC LED strip.
2.Can work under DMX mode, Stand-alone mode, RF mode(customized).

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DMX512 to SPI Decoder and RF Controller DS-L

1. DMX512 to SPI decoder and RF controller with digital display. 

2. Compatible with kinds of digital IC LED strip, IC type and R/G/B order can be set. 

3. DMX mode / Stand-alone mode / RF mode. 

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