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RF RGBW CC Receiver

1.The products default as RGBW constant current controller,need match remoter, create colorful static or dynamic effect.

2.The product can also be used as color temperature or dimmer controller, good compatibility.

3.Adopt 2.4GHz wireless technology,can accept up to 10 remoter control.

4.Can connect with external switches to achieve on/off and scene change function.

5.Work with power repeater to expand output unlimitedly.

6.PWM achieve 4096 levels flicker-less dimming.

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4CH Constant Current RF 2.4G Receiver C4-L

1.Can work under Stand-alone mode or RF mode.
2.4CH PWM constant current controller with digital numeric display and easy key operation
3.Can set as 1ch dimmer, 4ch dimmer, dual color controller or RGB/RGBW controller.

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