4CH*5A 12-24VDC CV Controller V4-L


The LED controller V4-L / C4-L is a constant voltage or constant current RF receiver with numeric digital display, 4 channel output, which can be compatible with a variety of RF remotes to switch and dim RGBW, RGB, dual color or single color LEDs. Smooth dimming from 0.1% to 100% without any flickering can be very comfortable for human's eyes. Built-in 10 dynamic mode can create fancy lighting effects.


● PWM controller with digital display, can work under stand-alone mode or RF mode. 

● 4 channel constant voltage or constant current output. 

● Under stand-alone mode(no need remote), can set as 1ch dimmer, 4ch dimmer, dual color controller or RGB/RGBW controller. 

● Under RF mode, full compatibility with a variety of single color dimming, dual color and RGB/RGBW remote. 

● Smooth dimming and switch without any flickering. 

● When control RGB/RGBW light, have 10 mode, include jump or gradual change style, adjustable speed. 

● Adopt 2.4GHz wireless technology, remote distance up to 30m, 

● One receiver can accept up to 10 remote control. 

● Can be WiFi controlled by APP installed on IOS or Android mobile devices while working with WiFi-Relay controller. User can customize own RGB change mode list by APP for advanced function. 

● High or low PWM frequency optional. 

● Log or linear dimming curve optional. 

● Work with power repeater to expand output unlimitedly.

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