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Xiyuelou Restaurant in Guangzhou, China

Project time: 2020-05-25

Located in Central Business District, Guangzhou City, China, Xiyuelou Restaurant is a new upmarket restaurant with luxury rooms and great services. 

The decoration cost one year, all the designs and details are persistent improving. 

Customers can see Canton Tower through the window, 180° CBD night scene before their eyes.

Exquisite Interior design and warm lighting of the hall, There won’t be a feeling of tightness, It’s a feeling of freedom.

That will let customers enjoy themselves during eating and drinking. 

The lighting requirements of food environment is important. 

Meet the LED demands of light intensity, and no stroboscopic dimming technology make human eye more comfortable. 

No flashing when  taking a variety of beautiful photos.

Hundreds of Skydance’s DMX master/RF panel remote T11-1, remote control R6 and triac dimmer S1-B are used on this lighting control systems. 

Skydance’s Touch panel 4 zone DMX512 master T11-1, can also be used as 4 zone RF remote. 

It send the remote control signal to Triac dimmer S1-B which connect to the dimmable lights, to achieve the precise dimming. 

4 Zones design support separate control for 4 groups of S1-B, making the remote control more smart and more convenient. 

Ultra sensitive high strength glass touch panel with touch color slide in the middle. 

Smooth and accurate color adjustment by touching the color slide.

     Triac dimmer S1-B is used for dimming and switching single color dimmable LED lamps,

traditional incandescent and halogen lights.  

256 levels 0-100% dimming smoothly without any flash. 

Leading edge dimming or trailing edge dimming set by dip switch. 

Min brightness can be set by key. 

Compatibility with Skydance’s 2.4G single zone or multiple zone dimming remote control. 

Suitable size, easy to be placed in standard wall junction box behind a push switch. 

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