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Jiangmen Jimi Fangyuan Bookstore

Project time: 2020-06-30

There is a new bookstore named Jimi Fangyuan Bookstore were opened in Jiangmen, Guangdong, China recently.

 As its name implies“A few meters away, find yourself”, 

this bookstore is not only for books selling, and also a complex cultural spaces such as reading,

 life aesthetics, coffee, tea culture, exhibitions and lectures. 

Skydance DMX triac dimmer S1-D1、S1-DR and DMX signal amplifier DA are widely used for this lighting systems.


Illuminance is always the most important issue in the bookstore.  

In the reading area, the illuminance must be 300~500lux 

in order to create a comfortable environment for readers,

 increase their interest in reading and stimulate their desire to buy. 

 In addition, designer need to consider the rest area, coffee area, 

passageway and other areas of illumination. 

Color temperature of the light will effect people's psychological feelings. 

When the color temperature is too low, it is easy for people to fall into fatigue and feel miserable. 

Therefore, the selection of color temperature has a higher requirement in the application of bookstores. 

For some spaces of the bookstore, such as rest area, 

coffee area, light sources should be with a low color temperature, 

while light sources should be selected with a high color temperature for reading areas.


Skydance DMX triac dimmer S1-D1 and S1-DR are used for the light control, 

suitable brightness in different areas of this bookstore is be reset through DMX master.

 The stable lighting control systems assure the lights dimming smoothly and without any flashing. 

The DMX amplifier DA are used to magnify the DMX control signal and then connect to more DMX Triac dimmers with lights.


They are well organized and installed in the electrical room for easier control.



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