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AUDI 4S Store in Nanjing

Project time: 2020-09-21

The AUDI AG stands for sporty vehicles, high build quality and progressive design. The Audi Group is among the world’s leading producers of premium cars.

In the AUDI display area, a big round LED light is just over the car. The bright light highlights the car's modern, fashionable, enterprising, noble, dynamic, steady, elegant and innovative.

Skydance AUDI 4S Store in Nanjing

Skydance AUDI 4S Store in Nanjing

According the brightness of the nature light, the LED light’s brightness should be adjusted to be comfortable for human’s eyes and show characteristics of AUDI car. 

Skydance LED controller V1-L/P and remote RS1 are selected for this light control systems because of following advantages.

Skydance AUDI 4S Store in Nanjing

(Skydance RF DIM CV Controller V1-L/P)

● 4096 levels 0-100% dimming smoothly without any flash.
● One RF controller accept up to 10 remote control.
● Auto-transmitting function: Controller automatically transmit signal to another controller with 30m control distance.
● Synchronize on multiple number of controllers.
● Connect with external push switch to achieve on/off and 0-100% dimming function.
● Logarithmic or linear dimming curve selectable.
● PWM frequency 250Hz, 500Hz, 2kHz or 8kHz selectable.
● Over-heat / Over-load / Short circuit protection, recover automatically.

Skydance AUDI 4S Store in Nanjing

(Skydance RF DIM Remote Control RS1)

● Apply to single color or dual color LED controller.
● Ultra sensitive color adjustment touch wheel.
● Each remote can match one or more receiver.
● AAAx2 battery powered.
● Operate with LED indicator light.
● Magnet on the back which can be stuck on back holder.

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