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Wuhan Inter IKEA Shopping Center FILA Store

Project time: 2020-10-23

In October 2020, FILA store opened in Wuhan Inter IKEA Shopping Center. FILA has always presented a classic, fashionable, sexy and high-quality image.


FILA is positioned in the field of high-end sports fashion. In addition to adhering to the traditional artistic concept, it also reflects the fashion atmosphere of the modern trend, subverts the traditional sports image, and conveys the passion and vitality that has remained unchanged for centuries with Italian elegancestyle.The LED intelligent lighting control system adopted by the FILA store can adjust the brightness of the lights and lighting scene effects according to the weather, store passenger flow, time of day, etc., so that consumers can live in a comfortable shopping environment.


In terms of lighting, the FILA store makes maximum use of the lighting space. At the same time, the LED intelligent lighting control system used in the backstage will adjust the original light in the store to ensure soft and comfortable lighting all day, save electricityto create a natural lightingenvironment, bringing a comfortable shopping experience to every customer who enters the store.


As the LED wireless dimming controller supplier for the FILA store of Wuhan Inter IKEA shopping center, Skydance has won long-term cooperation and support from domestic and foreign lighting engineering customers and retail customerswith advantages of productssuch as wireless, easy installation, low cost, reliable performance, and rich combination.


FILA store lighting uses a simpleSoft film smallpox, so that the light can be evenly dispersed, with a clean and bright effect.The LED lighting control system composed of Skydance's LED controller V1-L/P, power repeater EV1-S, and remote control RT1 brings a stable and high-quality dimming effect, which is beneficial for customers to feel the enthusiasm and vitality of FILA brand more accurately and truly.


The new store is more user-friendly in terms of regional design, and more modern in decoration, which truly allows consumers to experience the surprise and fun of shopping, and obtain a variety of sensory pleasures. Skydance wireless dimming control series realize intelligent control functions such as light switch control, brightness adjustment, grouping and partitioning, scene, timing, and sense through different combinations of products.It can achieve 0-100% full range flicker-free dimming, PWM digital dimming technology, smooth and delicate adjustment of the light, people can't feel the brightness of the light is changing.


Finally, thanks our customer again for trusting Skydance and using our controller,power repeater and remote controlin this important lighting project. We will go ahead and make more high-quality LED controllers.

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