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Xiamen Five Star Hotel-W Hotel

Project time: 2020-12-07

 Xiamen Five Star Hotel-W Hotel

On November 2nd, Xiamen W Hotel was grandly opened!The hotel was designed by HBA With the theme of "Colorful Music Garden" .

The natural, humanistic, artistic and urban elements of Xiamen of this sea garden city, are formed into design symbols. Bold, witty and dynamic, the multi-faceted presentation brings a new generation of luxury travelers to the wonderful experience of linking history, modern and future.

293 rooms and suites .One wall of the guest room is equipped with RGB art lighting.The three colors correspond to the pictures, Lighting color can be switched according to the atmosphere.

The walls of the corridor are also decorated with a number of LED strips which will alternately change colors with day and night, like a time-space tunnel, leading the guests into a wonderful space.

Xiamen W Hotel with 1000 square meters of banquet hall,110 square meters of embedded LED screen,5670 color-changing star waterfall light bulbs all over the ceiling,easy to create a beautiful dreamland.

The unique artistic design of  W Hotel has been perfectly displayed through the application of various intelligent technologies and personalized customized products. Skydance's intelligent lighting control product DMX512 decoder D4-P was used in the project. Next, let's take a look at the installation site and the effect after the installation was completed.

Skydance DMX512 decoder D4-P converts the standard DMX512 digital signal into a constant voltage PWM signal, and adjusts the output of the DMX decoder through the DMX master to achieve 0-100% soft and smooth dimming without any flicker, comply with visual ergonomics.

3-digital numeric display, OLED screen button and 10-digital DIP switch enables users to quickly set DMX address,comply with DMX512/RDM protocol, with efficient bi-directional communication and remote setting functions, users can set up remotely through DMX512/RDM console.

Using green terminal signal port with efficient and reliable input and output.CE\EMC\LVD certified safety circuit, with over-heat / over-load / short circuit protection and automatic recovery functions.

More details at website: http://www.iskydance.com/index.php?c=product_show&a=index&id=1644

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