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Beijing Daxing Airport in China

Project time: 2022-08-23

Beijing Daxing International Airport

This large hub airport built to the highest industry standards

Because of the difficulty of construction, it is rare in the world

Known as the first of the "Seven Wonders of the New World"

By adopting a number of world-leading technologies

Created a world-class green airport demonstration

Skydance wireless lighting control products are fortunately used in

Advertising light boxes and counters in the terminal

Help to light up the light of energy-saving technology



High frequency 2.4G wireless magic control

One-button dimming

Beijing Daxing International Airport thoroughly implements the requirements of the "four-type airport". Through innovative lighting control technology, the lighting of different spaces in the terminal can be finely and dynamically adjusted. While effectively responding to the lighting needs of the terminal , to improve the comfort of passengers. Among them, some advertising light boxes and counters in the airport terminal have applied Skydance's wireless control solution.


The large-scale advertising light boxes and counters in the terminal building use Skydance's wireless series product constant voltage controller V1-L/P, with R1 wireless remote control, to realize wireless adjustment of light brightness. Skydance's high-frequency wireless 2.4G remote control can quickly send dimming commands to the controller, and one-click dimming.

Constant Voltage Controller V1-L/P Beijing Daxing Airport Scenario Application



4096 level smooth dimming

Create a comfortable and delicate advertising experience

Appropriate lighting is particularly important for the presentation of light box advertising effects. This advertising light box is located in the lobby of the airport terminal, covering 100% of domestic departing passengers, and the passenger throughput of Daxing Airport will exceed 25 million in 2021. Therefore, suitable lighting is needed to help display advertisements, attract passengers to watch and make them feel comfortable , so as to achieve the desired advertising revenue.


Skydance's constant voltage controller V1-L/P provides 4096-level 0-100% smooth and flicker-free dimming, which enables more accurate and autonomous control of light brightness, making advertising images and texts more delicate, so that passengers can enjoy a comfortable viewing experience. Through the Skydance wireless 2.4G remote control, the lights can be easily and dynamically adjusted to meet the brightness of different periods of time such as day and night, presenting ideal advertising effects.

△Constant Voltage Controller V1-L/P Beijing Daxing Airport Scene Application



Light up the light of energy-saving technology

Beijing Daxing International Airport has built a number of advertising light boxes and counters. By using energy-saving LED lamps and increasing dimming control, the lighting quality can be improved, and the effect of energy saving and carbon emissions can be reduced, which fully reflects the concept of a green technology airport.


The Skydane wireless solution provides refined and personalized PWM dimming control, which can independently adjust the intensity of different natural light sources and different advertising images to achieve the ideal effect of high light quality and low energy consumption. For example, during the daytime, natural light is sufficient , can reduce the brightness of the light, while ensuring the necessary lighting, effectively reduce the working time of the lamps, prolong the life of the lamps, save unnecessary energy expenses, and improve the economic benefits of the airport. (According to the energy saving data of previous engineering cases, the comprehensive energy saving effect can reach about 30%.)

△Constant Voltage Controller V1-L/P Beijing Daxing Airport Scene Application



Wiring-free installation

Simple and elegant

In addition to providing the convenience of intelligent dimming control, Skydance wireless products can also achieve simple wiring-free installation, reduce construction workload and save wires, and facilitate later maintenance. Its compact size can be stored in the light box to maintain the overall beauty of the light box, thereby making the airport terminal space more harmonious and elegant.


Skydance adheres to the design principle of simplifying complexity, combining innovative technology with elegant and classic appearance, bringing users a fun-filled intelligent lighting control experience.

Skydance Wireless Dimming Solution

Skydance constant voltage controller V1-L/P adopts high-frequency wireless 2.4G signal transmission, realizes 4096-level 0-100% smooth dimming, provides logarithmic or linear curves, and provides 500Hz, 2kHz, 8kHz or 16kHz output PWM The frequency is optional to enhance the display effect of light box advertisements, and it is equipped with a wireless remote control R1, which is convenient and practical.

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