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Shanghai FAW Audi 4S store

Project time: 2022-07-20

More and more brand 4S shops begin to pay attention to the visual function of lighting, and luxury brands are no exception. On the one hand, it is necessary to effectively transmit commodity information, on the other hand, it is necessary to create a comfortable and pleasant light environment, so as to better guide customers' consumption. Skydance has provided lighting solutions and products that satisfy customers for many 4S stores in China. Let's go to Shanghai FAW Audi 4S store to see how to use LED intelligent control, perfectly integrate the functionality and aesthetics of lighting, and deduce the technological sense of future style.




Smart control

Energy saving display


Illumination planning is an important part of modern commercial lighting, which is also true for the 4S shop of the domestic luxury car brand FAW Audi. Various work and activities in the store, such as exhibition, sales, and service, require a suitable illumination to act on different environments and working surfaces. But for FAW Audi, which regards environmental responsibility as its corporate life, simple illumination planning is obviously not enough.


In this project , the FAW Audi 4S store adopts Skydance's DMX512 decoder D4-P, which is used for the control of LED lights in exhibition area to realize the integrated control and remote management of light switching, dimming and color matching,so as to achieve energy saving and environmental protection, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the overall space.


 △ scene application





Flexible adjust the color of the LED lights


In the FAW Audi 4S shop, several large arc LED lights are hoisted, echoing the large oval lampstand on the ground, interpreting the future style of technology, reflecting Audi's new models.

Among them, the large arc LED lights are controlled by Skydance's DMX512 decoder D4-P to adjust the color of the lights to meet the diversified needs of different models for lighting, such as the e-tron that incorporates the future design language, The design layout of the whole vehicle and the innovative body proportion design have been perfectly interpreted.





Decode 16 million colors

Enhance the lighting ambience


In addition to interpreting the design language and unique personality of Audi models, the LED lights controlled by Skydance DMX512 decoder D4-P are still rendering the lighting atmosphere of the exhibition area.

The color depth of D4-P reaches 16-bit 65536 levels. It can decode more than 16 million colors through R, G, and B three-color mixing. It provides a variety of lighting color and brightness control to achieve a variety of dynamic changes.




large load output

To achieve uniform and smooth light control


Skydance DMX512 Decoder D4-P optimizes PWM dimming technology, coupled with up to 8A output current and 4-channel × 384W output power, can achieve the consistency of large circular LED dimming, and achieve more uniform and smooth dimming.It interprets the perfect balance of function and comfort, and enhances the customer's car viewing and car buying experience.


 △Scene application



multiple protection


Skydance DMX512 decoder D4-P adopts wired connection, has multiple circuit protection functions such as overheat , overload , short circuit protection and recover automatically, and has passed CE, EMC, LVD certification.And the green terminal with better current and signal transmission performance is used as the DMX signal port,The input and output are efficient and reliable.





Efficient commissioning, convenient installation


The Skydance DMX512 decoder supporting the RDM protocol .In the first application, the customer can quickly set the DMX decoding start address through the button or the master, and conduct preliminary debugging. The address of each lamp can be seen on the three-Numeric display, and then installation and final debugging can be carried out, which greatly improves the efficiency. The installation method of the installation hole also brings convenience to customers in operation.



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