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Shandong University Qingdao Campus Comprehensive Gymnasium

Project time: 2023-02-21

When night falls and the stars begin to survey the sky, Qingdao's Blue Silicon Valley will light up a "crescent moon" shining with the stars, which is the Shandong University Qingdao Campus in the seal character of "moon".

Renderings of Comprehensive Gymnasium at Shandong University

More than 300 constant voltage DMX decoders D4-L and DMX signal amplifier DA from SKDANCE were used to control multiple lamps in the stadium. Unique and ingenious shapes are highlighted through colorful dynamic lighting effects, showcasing a splendid, innovative, energy-saving and environmentally friendly modern sports center to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the school.

Application of DMX512 Decoder D4-L and Signal Amplifier DA in Shanda Comprehensive Gymnasium

16-Bit Color Depth Decoding

Fully shows the uniqueness of the landmark building

 In the centenary year, with a total planned area of 2 square kilometers, Shandong University Qingdao Campus, positioned as a new engine for building world-class universities, has become a shining name card and important support for the core area of Blue Silicon Valley, And as a landmark building in the core area of Blue Silicon Valley, the Comprehensive gymnasium of Qingdao Campus is naturally a high-positioning modern sports center facing the school and serving the society.

Inspired by the blue wave sailing shadow and designed by Beijing Institute of Architectural Design , the stadium echoes the regional characteristics of Qingdao and has complete facilities and rich functions. The gymnasium in the shape of "Moon" in seal script has applied more than 300 constant-voltage DMX decoders and DMX signal amplifiers DA of SKYDANCE to the landscape lighting control. Under the decoding of 16-bit 65536-level color depth, abundant lighting colors and brightness can be realized. It looks spectacular in every direction and fully shows the beauty and novelty of landmark buildings.

Application of DMX512 Decoder D4-L and Signal Amplifier DA in Shanda Comprehensive Gymnasium

Large Cascade Of Multiple Lamps

Create a magnificent century-old university landscape

that in the east-west direction is about 87 meters, and the highest point of the building is about 35 meters. In order to ensure the stability of the overall control of large area lighting, the project adopts the high power constant voltage DMX decoder D4-L of SKYDANCE and matches the DMX signal amplifier DA to carry out cascade control of multiple lamps, ensuring the stability of the overall lamp control and realizing energy saving, to create a majestic century-old university scenery.

Application of DMX512 Decoder D4-L and Signal Amplifier DA in Shanda Comprehensive Gymnasium

Ambilight Dynamic Effect

Add avant-garde "equipment" to sports

SKYDANCE constant voltage DMX decoder D4-L supports multiple modes of operation. The factory default is DMX decoding mode, and DMX decoding starting address is 1 .There are four decoding channels , and it can achieve the dazzling dynamic lighting effect through the key to define the decoder starting address (001~512), or connecting to the DMX console.

The decoder will enter RGB/RGBW controller mode when it is offline. 30 RGB change modes are set in the product, and each mode supports the adjustment of speed and brightness that make the building atmospheric is also full and easily add avant-garde "equipment" for sports.

Application of DMX512 Decoder D4-L and Signal Amplifier DA in Shanda Comprehensive Gymnasium

PWM Frequency No Flicker

Many people say that exercise without taking pictures is equal to no exercise. Nowadays, with such a colorful immersive sports light environment, it is more natural to take photos and record videos to punch in and record every run and leap to show yourself every time.

SKYDANCE Constant voltage DMX decoder D4-L offers a variety of PWM frequency options: form 250Hz to 16000Hz. The higher PWM frequency can be set by pressing the button to meet the needs of non-stroboscopic light conditions in different scenes, activities and competitions.

Application of DMX512 Decoder D4-L and Signal Amplifier DA in Shanda Comprehensive Gymnasium

Rail Installation

SKYDANCE DMX512 control products are very convenient and user-friendly. It can enable the whole efficient application working through supporting RDM function, being equipped with two-way communication and remote setting function. You can quickly set the DMX decoding starting address through the master, and also can make the preliminary debugging by the keys. It can greatly improve the efficiency to make the final debugging when the address of each lamp is clear at a glance on the three digit tube. The way of installation hole and din guide rail installation is simple and convenient, and the later management and maintenance is also very convenient. It can be installed on guide rails of two sizes: 35*7.5 and 35*15 (width * depth, unit: mm).

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