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Tesla’s Shanghai R&D Innovation Center

Project time: 2023-03-22

By the end of 2022,on the first anniversary of the opening of Teslas Shanghai R&D Innovation Center. More than 150 Skydance ZigBee3.0 series constant current power supplies and scene panel products are assembled here. N+function, N+custom scenes, one key will open the wonderful lighting scene of modern conference room and inject imagination light kinetic energy for efficient meeting.

Tesla Shanghai R&D Innovation Center


Tesla Shanghai R & D Innovation Center is located in the northeast corner of its Shanghai Gigafactory. It is Tesla's first comprehensive R & D center based on vehicle development set up overseas. It has set up 28 laboratories, focusing on the development of Tesla's software and hardware, processes and technologies in China, undertaking application adaptation and standard testing in the Chinese market, and participating in the research and development of global AI machine learning.


Tesla Shanghai R&D Innovation Center


At the end of 2022, Tesla Shanghai R & D and Innovation Center upgraded the lighting control of multiple conference rooms. The project builder used more than 150 Smart lighting control products from Skydance - ZigBee3.0 series constant current power supply PB-12A-2 (WZS) and scene panel PK8 (WZS) to build the lighting system. Lets take a look at this project case.



Skydance ZigBee constant current power supply and scene panel

Application of Tesla Shanghai R&D Innovation Center




Multiple Smart functions

Make the meeting lively and interesting


The Skydance ZigBee3.0 series CCT constant current power supply used in the lighting project of this conference room, supports Tuya APP control and Philips HUE control to achieve various functions, such as adjusting brightness and color temperature, delay turn on/off, timer run, scene editing, music play functions.

The rich lighting control functions will help the staff of Tesla Shanghai R&D Innovation Center to set up exclusive lighting, whether it is morning or evening meeting, long or short meetings, video or offline meetings, which can be lively and interesting.




Flexibly Customize Exclusive Scenes

Efficient one-click open


Tesla's booming growth is inseparable from its excellent engineering team. The team gathers excellent engineers in vehicle hardware and software, vehicle engineering and manufacturing, materials, electronics and mechanical design, etc., to develop innovation, design and improve products through meetings and discussions. Such an R & D innovation center naturally requires an efficient and smart meeting space, and lighting is one of the important aspects.


Skydance ZigBee 3.0 lighting control system supports 8 scenes, which can be controlled by single light, or multi-light group control, and can also be linked to control different devices. Such as lamps and curtains, with sensitive scene panel to achieve efficient one-click open, such as setting admission mode, meeting mode, report mode, speech mode, flexible for different meeting content or process configuration of different lights, allowing comfortable lighting to help inspire more creativity and inspiration.



0-100% Dimming

Extremely intelligent depth brightness transition


ZigBee 3.0 series CCT constant current power supply adopts high-performance chip, combined with advanced light output algorithm, software and hardware work together to achieve extreme wisdom depth brightness transition, achieving 0-100% smooth dimming and exquisite light sense. PWM dimming frequency up to 4000Hz is exempt from assessment level, dimming without any flash, Fade-in Fade-out, more comfortable and eye protection, fit visual ergonomics, will create a better meeting lighting space for the R&D Innovation Center.

Skydance ZigBee constant current power supply and scene panel

Application of Tesla Shanghai R&D Innovation Center



Smart Control

Reducing the carbon footprint of large factories


Compared with the traditional lighting control, Skydance ZigBee 3.0 lighting control can realize the lighting control of one or more areas more autonomously. By presetting each lighting scene, it can help the super large factory such as Tesla Shanghai R & D Innovation Center, and reduce the carbon footprint and energy consumption caused by each conference staff going to the scene to arrange the lights. 

Tesla Shanghai R&D Innovation Center


Multiple Circuit Protection

Provide strong lighting protection


ZigBee 3.0 series CCT constant current power supply complies with IEC/EN61347-1, IEC/EN61347-2-13 safety regulations. It has multiple circuit protection technologies such as overload protection and short circuit protection, automatically resumes the output after the abnormal conditions are removed, and at the same time, it adopts Full protective plastic case design to provide safer and more efficient conference lighting control for Tesla Shanghai R & D Innovation Center.


Skydance ZigBee 3.0 control solution


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