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Taipei Ice Hockey Stadium

Project time: 2023-05-29

Ice hockey, also known as hockey ball, is one of the most popular ice and snow sports. The rhythm is fast, the confrontation is strong, the tactics are wonderful, and the multi-faceted competition makes the viewing full, and the scene lighting is also mobilizing the emotions at all times. In this issue, let's walk into Taipei's largest Ice Hockey Stadium and see how the smart lighting system creates an exclusive lighting atmosphere for ice and snow sports.


The arena is currently in the final stages of construction and will be the largest hockey arena in Taipei. SKYDANCE's 5-channel constant voltage DMX512 decoder D5-P,  DMX touch panel master + RF remote control T15-S and RF remote control RT5 are used in the lighting control of the arena to create a beautiful hockey lighting.

△Application of SKYDANCE DMX Decoder D5-P in Taipei Ice Hockey Stadium

16-Bit 65536 Level Color Depth


Ice hockey stadium is not only a competition field for athletes, but also a leisure field for fans, or a wonderful feast for fans, in order to meet the needs of different people, the venue is equipped with DMX512 smart lighting control system, through the control of light color, to create the most appropriate lighting effect.


SKYDANCE 5-channel constant voltage DMX512 decoder D5-P provides 16-bit 65536 level color depth decoding performance, through R, G, B color mixing can decode rich and delicate light color, control the gorgeous light to reflect the venue, to sports people and audiences bring immersive visual enjoyment.

△Application of SKYDANCE DMX Decoder D5-P in Taipei Ice Hockey Stadium


Multiple Lighting Dynamics

Heighten the atmosphere


When the 7.62-centimeter-diameter ice ball was placed in the center of the field, a fierce PK was about to begin. Quick coasting, step-down turns, quick stops, shots... At every exciting moment, the lighting team gives a response - synchronous control of wireless signals, sending adjustment instructions to the various controllers to enhance the atmosphere of the venue.


SKYDANCE DMX Touch Panel master + RF remote control T15-S built-in 10 dynamic modes, including RGB queue, six color fade, fade in and fade out, etc., by short press sequential switching, or long press 2s to run 10 dynamic modes. Different dynamic lights will form a gorgeous "light show", whether it is the same competition, or leisure entertainment, can set off the atmosphere.

△Application of SKYDANCE DMX Decoder D5-P in Taipei Ice Hockey Stadium

Ultra-sensitive Touch Control


In the remote control of lighting, the scene is configured with SKYDANCE DMX touch panel master T15-S and RF remote control RT5, which can not only adjust the light through the DMX master, but also through the remote control to control the light, saving time and effort. Both products have built-in ultra-sensitive touch module, one button can enter a variety of lighting atmosphere, for such a super large ice hockey arena, naturally is the best choice.

Smart Dimming Control

After the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, green, low-carbon and other concepts have become more popular, and the development of the ice and snow industry has released a strong driving force, and the construction of ice and snow venues is developing in a more green, safe and economic direction, and this lighting project is one of the vivid practices.


Energy-saving LED lights are fully used in the venue, and the smart lighting control system with energy-saving technology is adjusted, and the power saving effect is obvious. SKYDANCE DMX512 smart lighting control system can realize group and zone control, dimming, color control and remote management, to meet the different lighting needs of ice hockey games and broadcast, mass recreational sports and non-operation periods, so as to achieve energy saving and environmental protection, and reduce the overall space carbon dioxide emissions.

△Application of SKYDANCE DMX Decoder D5-P in Taipei Ice Hockey Stadium

Easy To Use

Efficiently create a beautiful lighting space


The SKYDANCE DMX512 decoder and DMX panel master provide a simple and convenient way to install; In matching, using the controller’s match key or using power restart, the master can quickly match with the RF remote control; In the setting and testing, the DMX decoding starting address can be quickly set through the button for testing, and the address of each lamp can be clearly seen on the three-digit digital tube, helping the hockey arena to efficiently create a beautiful lighting space

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