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Henan Information Security Industry Demonstration Park

Project time: 2023-07-15

An industrial park is a city card, and a project is a symbol of an industrial park. In just one year, the Henan Information Security Industry Demonstration Park with a total investment of 1.2 billion yuan and a total construction area of 167,000 square meters was completed and delivered for investment attraction, becoming a modern new science and technology park integrating industry, commerce and supporting services. The exhibition hall of the demonstration park uses SKYDANCE smart lighting control products to achieve cloud smart dimming and create a space atmosphere full of science and technology.


Henan Information Security Industry Demonstration Park





APP Cloud Control

Smart Lighting Management in High-tech park


The demonstration park actively integrates many advantageous resources, attracts nearly 200 companies to settle in, and gathers emerging digital technologies such as big data, 5G, cloud computing, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and virtual reality, becoming a domestic first-class digital economy development highland in China. For such a high-tech industrial park, the lighting control system naturally also needs innovation and wisdom.

SKYDANCE's smart lighting control products are used in the exhibition hall of the demonstration park: 4-channel LED RF controller V4-L, bluetooth+RF 5-in-1 constant voltage LED controller WB5 and power repeater EV5-L. Through the APP to easily realize the adjustment and control of light switch, brightness and RGB color, set personalized lighting scene and one-click open, to realize the smart management of the entire space light.


Application of SKYDANCE Smart Lighting Control Products in High-tech park 





Multiple Dimming Functions

Provide unlimited possibilities for information display


In this lighting project, the demonstration park used SKYDANCE smart lighting control products to realize a variety of lighting control functions. In addition to brightness and RGB color adjustment, there are also scene editing and opening, 8 scenes can be switched at will, timing or delay turn on/off light, and music play mode.

Using these functions, you can customize the control mode of the lights in the exhibition hall of the demonstration park, providing endless light control possibilities for information display, thereby adding technological content to the high-tech park.


Application of SKYDANCE Smart Lighting Control Products in High-tech park





One-Click Open

Technological atmosphere lighting


In the remote control of the lights, the switch, through the mobile APP to realize the switch, brightness and color adjustment control of different lights in different areas. After editing the lighting scene, it can be easily turned on through the APP to realize personalized and smart lighting management.


Application of SKYDANCE Smart Lighting Control Products in High-tech park





Bluetooth-RF Signal Conversion

Millisecond-level response


In this project, the 5-in-1 constant voltage LED controller WB5 works as a Bluetooth-RF converter and controls multiple RF controllers V4-L through APP. The built-in high-frequency 2.4G module of the product can quickly respond to receive dimming signals and send them to each lamp to achieve millisecond-level response dimming and RGB color adjusting.


Application of SKYDANCE Smart Lighting Control Products in High-tech park





Simple Operation Mode

Efficient application


SKYDANCE adheres to the design principle of simplifying complexity, combines innovative technology with elegant and classic appearance, and brings users a fun-filled intelligent lighting control experience.

The products applied in this project are simple and convenient in all aspects such as installation and wiring, pairing and connection, APP operation, function setting, etc., helping the industrial park to be efficiently built and delivered for investment attraction.




SKYDANCE IOT Smart Control Solution


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