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Nanjing MAGO KTV Brand Store

Project time: 2023-08-02

MAGO Nanjing Store is located in Nanjing International Expo Center. It is a very famous high-end KTV and an ideal party place for hipsters and fans. Its decoration design is luxurious and high-end, equipped with advanced high-tech audio equipment, and providing one-stop entertainment services such as karaoke, drinking, and eating food, attracting many young and fashionable consumers to consume.

Under the control of DMX decoder and Triac constant current drive, it creates a fashionable and cool lighting atmosphere, allowing customers to enjoy an extraordinary KTV experience.

△Application of SKYDANCE smart control products in Nanjing MAGO store


16-bit 65536-level Color Depth

Create a stylish and cool lighting atmosphere


MAGO Nanjing Store adopts a variety of popular elements and modern styles for luxurious decoration, and designs different themes and styles for each box. With the help of the smart lighting control system, it creates a very dreamy atmosphere.


In this project, more than 200 constant-voltage DMX decoders D4-L of SKYDANCE were used to control the brightness or color of the single-color light strips and RGBW light strips in the box. D4-L's 16-bit 65536-level color depth decoding performance can decode rich and delicate light colors. At the same time, by matching with the power repeater EV4 and DMX signal amplifier DA, more flexible lighting control effects and larger load light control can be achieved, ensuring the stability of the overall lighting control, and creating a stylish and cool KTV lighting experience.

△Application of SKYDANCE smart control products in Nanjing MAGO store



Multiple RGB Dynamics

It changes with the rhythm of the music


In addition to rich light color control, DMX decoder D4-L also provides a variety of dynamic mode control. Through the DMX console control, the lighting effect changes with the change of the music melody, matching different scenes and themes, allowing customers to experience more shocking lighting visual effects while enjoying the music.


When not connected to the DMX console, it can also achieve excellent lighting effects. D4-L has built-in 30 RGB changing modes, each of which supports speed and brightness adjustment.

△Application of SKYDANCE smart control products in Nanjing MAGO store



Ten thousand Triac Dimming

Ultra-intelligent depth brightness transition


This project also applied more than 600 Triac constant current LED drivers TE-10A-L to control the spotlights in the boxes, aisles and halls. High-performance chips combined with advanced light output algorithms, software and hardware work together to achieve 10,000 levels of ultra-intelligent depth brightness transition, the light perception is delicate and smooth, and there is no video flicker in the full power range, making the look and feel more comfortable.


At the same time, TE-10A-L adopts intelligent digital dimming. Do not change the color rendering index of the LED, so that the light can more realistically restore the color of game consoles, darts, billiards and other entertainment facilities, as well as Chinese and Western meals, Japanese and Korean cuisine, creative snacks and other delicacies, so as to give customers the best theme and style experience .

△Application of SKYDANCE smart control products in Nanjing MAGO store



Easy to Use

Efficiently create high-end lighting projects


SKYDANCE adheres to the design principle of simplifying complexity, combines innovative technology with elegant and classic appearance, and brings users a fun-filled intelligent lighting control experience.


The products applied in this project provide simple and convenient installation and application methods: the DMX decoder can be quickly set the DMX decoding starting address through the main console, and can also be set by the key for preliminary debugging. The address of each lamp can be clearly displayed on the three digital screen, and then the final debugging can greatly improve the efficiency; Triac constant current LED driver connected to the mains can be used to help efficiently create high-end KTV lighting project.

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