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Heze Music Restaurant

Project time: 2023-09-07

Heze Music Restaurant is a high-end restaurant located in the bustling commercial district of Heze City, which integrates food, music and art. With its unique decoration style and delicious dishes, it attracts many diners and music lovers. Here, you can not only enjoy delicious food and wine, but also immerse yourself in the beautiful music atmosphere.


The restaurant has made great efforts in creating an atmosphere. In addition to artistic design and live music performances, it has also created a multifunctional and multi-effect lighting atmosphere by applying Skydance’s wireless constant voltage controller V4-L, single zone RGBW constant voltage controller T4, Bluetooth & RF 5 in 1 constant voltage LED controller WB5(Tuya App) and power repeater EV5-L, bringing customers a wonderful dining experience.

Skydance control system applied in Heze music restaurant


Cloud control through App, Lighting management so easy


The restaurant uses Skydance 4-channel wireless constant voltage controller V4-L and single zone RGB constant voltage controller T4, match with Bluetooth & RF 5 in 1 constant voltage controller WB5 to achieve App cloud control, making lighting control more intelligent and efficient. Whether in the lobby or in the private room, restaurant staff can remotely control the lighting of different areas with just one click on the app, including switches, brightness, RGB color, etc. At the same time, timing control can also be set as needed, great convenience to restaurant staff.


This combination has advantages of good stability and strong anti-interference ability. It can meet the lighting control needs in various environments and provide more reliable lighting control of restaurants. 

Skydance control system applied in Heze music restaurant


Set up exclusive lighting scenes,

one click into the realm of beauty


Live music is one of the restaurant's main attractions. Every night, the restaurant invites different musical performers to perform, including guitarists, pianists, jazz bands, etc., bringing customers wonderful music feasts. The application of exclusive lighting scenes adds more color and energy to the performance, making the entire dining experience richer and more memorable.

The restaurant presets exclusive lighting scenes for different areas through different combinations of R, G, B colors and dynamic modes. It runs intelligently through the APP and enters the lighting world with one click.

Skydance control system applied in Heze music restaurant


Constant voltage power repeater, making the overall lighting more coordinated


The application of the 5-channel constant voltage power repeater EV5-L makes the lighting control more coordinated and synchronized. EV5-L can be connected in series or parallel, infinitely expanding the output power of LED controllers, achieving more flexible lighting control effects and larger load control of light strips. Such a solution can not only improve the stability of the overall lighting control, but also create a more high-end atmosphere and enhance the customer's consumption experience.

Skydance control system applied in Heze music restaurant


Bluetooth - RF signal conversion, millisecond response dimming and color adjustment


In this project, the 5-in-1 constant voltage LED controller WB5 works as a Bluetooth wireless converter, controlling multiple wireless controllers through the APP. The built-in high-frequency 2.4G module of the product can quickly receive dimming signals, achieving millisecond response dimming and RGB color adjustment. More accurate and real-time lighting control effects can help improve customers' lighting experience, thereby enhancing the brand image of the restaurant.

Skydance control system applied in Heze music restaurant


Minimalist operation mode, efficient application


Skydance adheres to the design principle of simplifying complexity, and combines innovative technology with elegant and classic appearance, to bring users a fun-filled intelligent lighting control experience.


The products applied in this project are simple and convenient in installation and wiring, matching and connection, APP operation, function settings, etc., making the project efficiently built and used. 

SKYDANCE IOT Smart Lighting control solution

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