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Wireless SPI Control in Taiwan Entertainment Space

Project time: 2024-02-28

In today's entertainment market, entertainment spaces and bars face increasing competition. It is vital that entertainment spaces and bars stand out and provide a unique and memorable entertainment experience. As one of the key factors to enhance the experience, lighting atmosphere control has a positive impact on consumers' experience.

A fashionable entertainment space and bar in Taiwan has applied SKYDANCE's wireless 2.4G SPI controller SC, wireless remote control R9 and SPI Signal Splitter SA  to achieve efficient control and create a colorful and personalized lighting space. Create a rich entertainment experience.

Application of SKYDANCE LED controller products in Taiwan entertainment space



Flexible Wireless 2.4G Control

Millisecond Response

In this lighting project, SKYDANCE RF SPI controller SC's flexible control and millisecond-level fast response characteristics have become a powerful assistant for entertainment space staff to manage the lighting. Staff can flexibly adjust the lighting according to different scenes and needs.

SC adopts high-frequency wireless 2.4G technology, which can respond to every operation of the entertainment space staff on the remote control R9 at millisecond speed, such as changing millions of colors through the R, G, and B color plus and minus keys of the remote control. Adjusting the 256 levels of brightness through the brightness plus and minus keys, calling out the scene by short pressing the scene key, or switching the built-in dynamic mode, adjusting the 10-level speed mode etc., to achieve efficient lighting control, saving time and manpower.

SKYDANCE Products Application



32 Dynamic Lighting Modes

Add Color and Energy to The Atmosphere

RF SPI controller SC has built in 32 dynamic modes, including horse-race, chase, flow, trail or gradual change style. Applying these dynamic modes can create richer and more diverse lighting effects, adding more color and vitality to the atmosphere of the entertainment space, enhance customers' entertainment experience, create a colorful and personalized lighting atmosphere for customers, and attract more customers to come and spend.

Using the remote control R9 to adjust the dynamic mode of the LED light strip to create a unique visual effect, making the entire space more vivid and interesting. For example, during the singing session, the light can turn into a soft blue, creating a romantic atmosphere; During cheerful dance session, the lights can turn into bright red or orange, echoing the rhythm of the music and enhancing the warm atmosphere of the scene. Through the adjustment of the dynamic mode, the lighting can change with the rhythm of the music, and two scene modes can be customized to bring customers a colorful and personalized lighting experience.

SKYDANCE Products Application



Compatible With 49 Kinds of Digital IC


SKYDANCE Wireless 2.4G SPI controller, compatible with TM1803, TM1809, TM1812 and other 42 kinds of commonly used chips in the market to drive RGB/RGBW pixel LED strip, etc. It can be used with simple settings. The controller supports a maximum of 1024 pixels to adapt to the needs of different occasions and themes, and achieve various smooth and delicate color transformation effects.

△Application of SKYDANCE LED controller products in Taiwan entertainment space



SPI Signal Splitter

Synchronously Control Multiple Groups of Pixel Strips

The SPI Signal Splitter SA is used with SPI controller SC, Split 1 group SPI signal (data+clock) to 2 group SPI signals, so that the controller can control multiple RGB or RGBW LED strips at the same time to achieve synchronous lighting control of the entire space. This not only ensures the stability and consistency of the lighting effect in the entire space, but also makes the overall lighting effect smoother and enhances the visual enjoyment.

Application of SKYDANCE LED controller products in Taiwan entertainment space

RF 2.4G SPI Controller SC also has the advantages of low power waste and long lifetime etc., which helps reduce the operating costs of entertainment spaces and bars while ensuring good lighting effects.

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