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Galaxy Hotel Children's Park

Project time: 2024-06-03

Located in the center of Macau, Galaxy Macau is a comprehensive luxury hotel that integrates luxury accommodation, top-level dining and entertainment. It attracts many tourists with its magnificent architecture and excellent services, and launches the "Children" Galaxy project that is more suitable for parent-child travel experience to continuously meet guests' demand for high-quality play experience.

The magnificent Galaxy Macau Hotel

Due to SKYDANCE's outstanding performance in projects such as the Beijing Winter Olympics, Wynn Macau, City of Dreams Macau, and Galaxy Macau Crystal Lobby, our DMX smart lighting solution was once again favored by the Galaxy Hotel's "Children's Playground" children's park!

Both the "Crystal Lobby" and the "Children's Playground" use SKYDANCE's DMX512 decoder D4 and DMX512 signal amplifier DA to create a clearly defined and multi-functional lighting environment.

Application of SKYDANCE DMX51 products in Galaxy Hotel "Crystal Lobby" scenario application

SKYDANCE focuses on smart lighting control solutions, and ensures the reliability and comfort of the lighting system through the DMX512 smart lighting control system. The high-quality lighting not only enhances the visual enjoyment of the space, but also allows every guest to enjoy the best relaxation experience in this dazzling environment.


High grey level, delicate and smooth

Frequency adjustable,  flicker-free

16-bit (65536 levels) / 8-bit (256 levels) grey decoding and light effect control can accurately adjust the brightness and color depth of the light. At the same time, the 250-16000hz adjustable PWM frequency ensures no flicker in various visual media, providing good visual effects for video or photo shooting.

Application of SKYDANCE DMX51 products in Galaxy Hotel "Children's Fun House" scenario application



Flexible dimming to meet multiple needs

Create a variety of atmospheres

SKYDANCE's DMX512 decoder D4, built-in 30 RGB change modes, including static, jump, strobe, smooth, fade in and out , etc., providing a wealth of lighting options. Each mode supports speed and brightness adjustment, and logarithmic and linear dimming curves optional, allowing lighting designers to accurately control light transitions and flexibly create different atmospheres.

For example, when holding a lively story time, you can choose the smooth mode, where the light slowly transitions from one color to another, creating a dreamy environment for listening to stories. In a vibrant game area, you can use the jump mode, where the light color changes quickly, which matches the fast pace and excitement of the game. For special holiday celebrations, you can use the strobe mode, where the light flashes quickly to increase the festive and warm feeling of the festival.

Application of SKYDANCE DMX51 products in Galaxy Hotel "Children's Fun House" scenario application



Efficient installation and simplified deployment

RDM multi-channel control

In large-scale renovation projects, cost control and equipment installation efficiency are important factors, and choosing flexible and reliable technology that can reduce long-term operating costs is a key consideration.

SKYDANCE's DMX512 decoder D4 standard rail installation method reduces installation and commissioning time, and further speeds up the deployment process through digital display and simple button operation.

1/2/4 multi-channel output function improves the system adaptability and helps lighting projects set independent lighting plans for different areas, thereby optimizing resource allocation and cost management.

And it also supports remote device management (RDM) function, which improves the monitoring capability of the lighting system through remote monitoring and operation, reduces the maintenance burden and reduces operating costs.

Application of SKYDANCE DMX51 products in Galaxy Hotel "Children's Fun House" scenario application



Enhance the signal, extend the distance,

Make the overall lighting more coordinated

In this lighting project, SKDYANCE DMX series signal amplifier DA and decoder D4 effectively enhanced the signal transmission quality and range. Both are installed in a standard rail mounting to ensure quick installation and easy maintenance, bringing the entire solution to a higher level.

Signal amplifier DA and decoder D4 wiring diagram

The signal amplifier DA has one set of DMX512 signal input and two sets of output, which can effectively amplify, distribute and isolate the DMX512 (or RS-485) signal of lighting system equipment, extend the transmission distance and expand the output.

For example, the "Children's Playground" is divided into several play areas. Each area has multiple lights and uses long signal lines, which can easily lead to signal attenuation, interference, and reflection dislocation. After the signal amplifier DA was added to the lighting system, the adverse phenomena were solved, improving the stability and performance of the lighting system. In addition, the photoelectric isolation function between the terminals of the signal amplifier DA avoids equipment damage caused by incorrect wiring and can further reduce signal interference. This enables the coordination and synchronization of large-scale lighting control in the crystal lobby, children's playground or special event venues, ensuring the consistency and efficient performance of the lighting effects.

Application of SKYDANCE DMX51 products in Galaxy Hotel "Children's Fun House" scenario application

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