Macao Casino lighting Project


Macao Casino lighting Project 

Macao Casino choose SKYDANCE products in this redecorating lighting project,

 that proves SKYDANCE’s leading edge technologies, well performance, and stable products’ quality.

 All this for bringing customers the most comfortable experience, and highlight hotel’s features well. 

The SKYDANCE addressable constant voltage DMX decoder(D24) and DMX signal amplifier(DA) is used for RGBW 

mixed color lighting controls. D24 joins into the standard RDM remote device management protocol, 

which supports DMX512 signal bidirectional communication. 

And it support to achieve remote read/ write DMX address and other management function. 

The address can be easily changed after installation so as to reduce the complexity of secondary operation. 

With the built-in stand-alone RGB mode,  the D24 decoder has 4 dynamic light mode, 

to create a colorful changing light ambiance. 

The DMX signal amplifier(DA) dedicated to amplify, distribute and insulate the DMX signal 

that comes from the lighting system equipment when it is connected to the bus of DMX. 

When one DMX signal input, two DMX signal output, for extending the signal transmission distance.  

The din-rail design make both of them are easy to install and manager by customer.

Skydance DMX decoders are designed with the latest DMX512, DMX512(1990), DMX512-A and RDM standard protocols, 

which enable users to set DMX addresses, choose the output channel quantity, 

PWM output frequencies and output brightness curve manually.

The advanced RDM decoder features a bi-directional communication function, 

which enables the DMX console to detect different decoders, 

displays a decoder’s information and set a DMX address.

The DMX lighting control system consists of a DMX console (DMX master) that sends a DMX control signal, 

and a DMX decoder (DMX slave) which receives the control signal and outputs a PWM signal to connected LED lights.

 Furthermore, you can keep extending the DMX signal’s controlling distance as you add more DMX Signal DA amplifiers.

With a built-in RF 2.4GHz module, the DMX master can be controlled by a variety of single color, dual color, RGB, RGBW, and RGB+CCT remotes.

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