Review of 2023 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair (Autumn Edition)


On October 30, the 2023 Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair was successfully held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center . During the four-day exhibition, SKYDANCE demonstrated multiple series of lighting control products to the audience from all over the world, including a number of newly products. It won widespread attention and praise from the industry and the audience, and reached cooperation intentions with a number of customers. At the same time, we jointly discussed the application and development trends of lighting control with industry insiders, contributing to the progress and development of the lighting industry.

SKYDANCE’s Booth Design

Modern design interprets the beauty of technology

SKYDANCE's booth is located in GH-A18 of the General Assembly Hall, which is the result of SKYDANCE's careful design and layout. The booth design is full of modernity, with white and blue as the main colors, which not only reflects SKYDANCE's high-tech attributes, but also highlights the modern and simple style. The booth has a number of areas, such as product display area and communication area, which facilitates visitors to understand product features and technical details, and provides a good platform for communication.

Star Series + Newly Products

Shows the strength of lighting control

In this exhibition, SKYDANCE focused on the wireless 2.4G, DMX512, 0/1-10V, Triac, DALI, sensor and other star series products, and also displayed a number of smart new products, which is full of highlights and very popular.

Extremely intelligent deep brightness transition, millisecond wireless 2.4G remote control response, turn on your lighting scene with one click, group control of multiple ZigBee controllers, customized exclusive scenes, sensitive sensor stair light control, convenient APP control, and a variety of smart lighting control functions attracted many visitors to stop and experience.

Representatives from many companies showed strong interest in our products, inquired about product details, and spoke highly of its excellent technology, quality, and simple appearance design.

In addition, SKYDANCE also introduced lighting control solutions for different application fields, including commercial lighting , home lighting , outdoor lighting solutions, etc., aiming to provide customers with more professional and personalized lighting products and services, and introduced various series of solutions used in lighting projects in more than 130 countries and regions around the world. It shows the professional and international image of SKYDANCE as an LED controller manufacturer.

Professional Team

Sincere service, professional recommendation

In this exhibition, SKYDANCE's professional team not only possessesed profound professional knowledge and skills, but also provided thoughtful consultation and answer services for every audience who walks into the booth through careful service, and showed the brand power of SKYDANCE to the audience in the most professional way in every part.

In the product introduction, they detailed the features and advantages of various LED controller in plain language, so that the audience had a deeper understanding of SKYDANCE products, and through the sharing of actual cases, let the audience more intuitively feel the application effect of SKYDANCE products in different projects and scenes.

During business negotiations, they won the recognition of many audiences with their superb business capabilities and extremely high professionalism, and reached cooperation intentions with many customers, laying a solid foundation for SKYDANCE's future business development.

Actively Respond to The Lighting Industry

Sharing the future of lighting development

The Hong Kong International Lighting Fair is a grand event in the lighting industry. It provides a comprehensive platform for displaying brands and products, as well as dialogue and cooperation. Therefore, in addition to displaying the latest products and technologies, SKYDANCE also conducted in-depth discussions with experts and scholars, entrepreneurs, lighting designers, architects and others at the venue on the development trends, technological innovations and application scenarios, challenges and opportunities of the lighting industry. It has laid a good foundation for future resource sharing, innovative development, cross-border cooperation, and promoting the progress and development of the lighting industry.

Finally, we would like to thank every customer and audience who came to visit, communicate and cooperate with us. Thank you all for your support!

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