Review of Skydance 2024 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition


The 29th Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition was held on June 9th. As the annual event of the global lighting industry, this exhibition has the theme "Light + Era - Practicing Infinite Light." It gathers the latest lighting technology and innovative products from all over the world. SKYDANCE once again appeared at the A02 booth in Hall 9.2, meeting customers and visitors from all over the world, presenting multiple series of smart control products and a number of new products, expanding multi-scenario applications, which have gained widespread attention in the market. Let's review it together!



Skydance Booth Popularity

On the first day of the exhibition, a large number of visitors were attracted to the booth, and skydance intelligent lighting control products also won wide attention.


At the exhibition, skydance displayed a variety of innovative products for intelligent control systems for various application scenarios. Our professional team introduced the technical advantages and application cases of our products in detail, answered customers' questions and showed the operation demonstration of our intelligent lighting control system.




Star Series and Smart New Products

Intelligent lighting upgraded again

skydance continues to study the field of intelligent lighting, based on the original RF2.4G, DMX512, DALI, Triac, 0/1-10V, Zigbee3.0, SPI, Sensor and other mature series products, and then released a variety of intelligent new products. The company has launched two new intelligent products, the WT-DMX-S and TPS-D-WT, which provide access to DMX and DALI control for the full range of products. At the same time, the launch of the WT-M series Matter products addresses the incompatibility of intelligent systems in foreign markets, offering a truly diversified range of solutions.


Highlights, multi-series product analysis

Intelligent control systems currently on the market are usually divided into a single field of wireless, other protocols such as DALI, DMX, 0-10V, etc. While these systems offer a range of operational modes, including conventional touch and panel presses, it still lack the full capabilities of true intelligent control. The market is diverse, and there is a need to create more opportunities to attract end users and expand the consumer market.

Skydance is at the forefront of dimming power supplies, dimming signal converters, dimming panels, dimming controllers, AC switches, sensor dimming, supporting wireless RF remote control, voice control, and cell phone terminal operation. This enables the realization of group dimming, scene setting, timer switch, and other functions, enhancing the energy utilization rate, supporting the health of the human factors of lighting, and practicing the "light +" concept.

"This is the new WT-M series from skydance, MATTER protocol, compatible with all mainstream platforms at home and abroad, support multi-terminal management, 5-in-1 control, support constant voltage single color or CCT, RGB, RGBW, RGB+CCT light strip.

 It can work as WIFI MATTER-RF converter, supporting RF2.4G remote control.

 Mobile APP/intelligent voice control to meet the diversified needs of users."


"SPI series products achieve colorful and dynamic lighting effects through advanced light effect control for creative and decorative lighting. The series supports a wide range of IC types and signaling modes, capable of driving a variety of RGB and RGBW LED strips. The products are built with a variety of preset light effect modes, which can be easily operated by users via mobile app or remote control to create colorful lighting scenes."

"SPI series products of skydance are intelligent, allowing for scene setting via cell phone and a high degree of flexible adjustment to the sensor, which automatically adjusts the lighting status and improves the user's experience and energy efficiency. Research data shows that SPI lighting systems can save up to 30% of energy. These products are widely used in smart homes and commercial spaces to meet users' needs for convenience and energy saving."


"Skydance is a member of DALI Alliance (DiiA), focusing on research and development to improve product line and provide better product solutions, thus developing TPS-D-WT. 

Its as WIFI& RF DALI master control with 5-in-1 function, support DT6 dimming, DT8-TC, DT8-RGB, DT8-RGBW. compatible with DALI standard protocol IEC62386, support unicast, multicast and broadcast mode.

Mobile APP/voice control, support switch, adjust color temperature and brightness, delay, scene and dynamic mode.

1.54-inch TFT color LCD tempered glass screen, 9 touch buttons, key precise adjustment, 4 scene buttons, quick call out, optional RF 2.4G remote control.

Perfectly match with currently available DA1, DA4, DA4-L, DA-4S, DT, DT-B, DH, LPV-150DA-12/24, etc. to provide a comprehensive intelligent lighting solution."

In addition skydance was invited by CSHIA China Smart Home Industry Alliance to share a variety of intelligent lighting control systems, explore the lighting market, and promote the multi-platform interconnection of Matter products realized by overseas smart mainstream brands, such as Apple, Philips, Amazon, Google and so on.

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