DMX512 Series

DMX (Digital Multiplex) is a worldwide communication protocol that is most commonly used in theatrical lighting. The DMX Console broadcasts up to 512 channels over one DMX Cable. Some of these channels may not be used, but are still transmitted, as required by the protocol. The console must be set to a desired channel to control the connected light fixture. This is usually accomplished using a DIP switch or LED/LCD display. This desired channel is commonly known as the DMX address. The DMX 512 protocol is based on the EIA/TIA-485 standard (commonly known as Recommended Standard 485 or RS-485), which uses asynchronous, differential data transmission. This standard supports 32 devices on one network at a distance of up to 1219.2 meters. One device functions as the master (the DMX controller) on a network, while the rest function as slaves (dimmers, intelligent fixtures, etc.). Only the master transmits over the network, and all slaves receive the same data.

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